Teacher Feedback from PL Day on UbD Stage 1

What was the most helpful part of the meeting on Stage I of Understanding by Design? What was your biggest takeaway? Since Friday’s meeting, how do you feel as though your understanding of UBD has changed? What questions do you still have about Stage I of Understanding By Design? What other feedback you would like to share regarding Friday’s meeting?
Everyone participating, asking questions Getting ideas from others much better I think it helps working in groups and sharing ideas and suggestions with others.
Having to work on our own unit plans. A much better understanding of Phase I I feel a lot more comfortable with big ideas, and transfer goals. I feel very comfortable identifying and writing good EQ’s I would like some feedback on my stage I UBD that I have written so far, but I think I just need more practice. The meeting was great! I learned a ton, thank you for all of the effort and time you put into planning the meeting!
brainstorming and writing understanding enduring understandings I feel like I had a relatively good understanding of UBD, but now it’s even better. none about that but one about why are supposed to turn one in in Dec when we are really just getting deeper into it none
learning all together and sharing what we knew Starting broader, even broader than essential questions… Definitely, YES! I feel a lot more confident about Stage I. no. not right now Relevant. Interesting. Well presented.
I enjoyed the chance to discuss the ‘big ideas’ with my coworkers, and work through the essential questions and understandings That the UbD has many entry points (and we still start with the activities!) I now have a better filter to assess my EQ I would have liked more time to work with my team on a specific UbD.
I liked that each section was thoroughly discussed before an attempt was made at practicing each step. I especially liked that one part easily flowed into another part. The biggest impact made was with the Big Idea Concept! I was making it too specific. Ubd is much easier to design with the Big Idea being more of a general idea. Lots!! No questions at this time…I know that I just need to continue to practice the information I have learned so that it remains fresh in my mind. Nothing at the moment.
The discussion around big ideas. I realized I was thinking of this the wrong way, and this discussion clarified for me and allowed me to gain greater clarity with stage 1. The clarification around big ideas was my biggest take away. I felt comfortable with enduring understandings and essential questions, but I needed extra help with big ideas. Yes. I still have more to learn, but it has gotten stronger. What template or layout is the best to use? Several use their own templates, and the book gives several ideas. It makes me wonder if there is one that is better, or if it really is up to personal needs? Moving forward, I think there needs to be time set aside to have teachers work in their rooms and plan around UbD. Many teachers expressed on Friday that they really wanted alone time in their classrooms to plan and work on their own upcoming UbD units. Maybe we can review and learn about it/phases in the first hour or two of PD, and then reserve the rest of the time for individual planning time with a built in reflection/feedback component at the end.
The packet of sample big ideas and EQs That collaboration leads to bigger ideas and makes planning easier I realize that UbD is a perfect format for creating very natural inter/trans disciplinary units None- Good job 🙂 I think more to work would have been better because the information and process was so fresh in our mind.
Actually going through the steps becuase I have never actully done that. The process of getting started. I feel more comfortable, still have to process. No questions, just need to have time to absorb. Personally, it was a lot to take in after a hectic morning, but I still learned a lot.
beginning to get a clearer understanding of Big Ideas How to write better EQs the meeting helped to clarify some of the essential components of Stage 1 I think many teachers are feeling overwhelmed by the volume of initiatives we are undertaking in addition to our already full workload
Taking it slow and going step by step instead of looking at it all at once My biggest takeaway was going back to our current lesson we are working on and making sure the checklists given match what we are doing and planning My understanding has moved even higher (like a 7.5 or 8ish) on a 10 point scale None at this time Maybe aiming to get out earlier. Hard to do and take making a Friday afternoon really long



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