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“The Dojo”

Caution: Some ideas, products, and posts in this blog are not perfect yet or even completed. This space is used for capturing and iterating ideas; a dojo for the art of reflective practice and professional growth. Some of that stuff may be interesting and unrelated to education. I hope it inspires you the way it inspires me.

You can expect partly finished products that are at various stages of the learning process. Often returning to a topic weeks or months later to continue exploring and developing thoughts, I revisit and rewrite posts. I change the titles, images, and words as my thinking expands. I leave room for improvement, yet I’m not afraid to “ship it” before it’s ready for the world. Maybe the world has some feedback for me that could help make it better.

Writing blogs and e-portfolios can be for learning as much as of learning. As we work to encourage all learners at our organization (our students, teachers, and others) develop their own reflective practice, I hope they will feel the freedom to post and share work that shines, as well as some that shows failure, imperfection, and learning taking place.

work in progress

Therefore, consider yourself forewarned. You may encounter material that has entered the production process but is not yet a finished product. It’s a work in progress.