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5 Reasons Educators Should Blog
Why Great Teachers Blog
Do Educators Really Need Blogs?
Start Your Teaching Blog: Resources, Advice, and Examples

According to Teacher Challenges, the main reasons why educators have personal / professional blogs include:

  • Share information and tips with other educators.
  • Collaborate with a global audience. Increased collaboration with others, leads to greater innovation and ideas, because each individual sees a different perspective – giving all involved greater “food for thought!”
  • To reflect on their learning or their teaching /work practices.
  • To learn how to blog themselves so they can use blogs effectively with their students.
  • Create an ePortfolio.



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Samantha Flowers’ Blog
Coach T Fearless by Tarrik Mabon
Maggie’s Blog by Maggie Menkus
Meeting of the Minds by Tasha Mines
Parent Life is Good by Kelly Bynum
Plumer’s Place by Ann Plumer
Math is Everywhere by Mary Beth Struble
Making Time to Reflect by Kari Young
Spiritual Pedagogy and Habits of Heart & Mind by Jenny Novoselsky
Marie Teaches by Marie Graham
The Ramblings of a Lunatic Often Go Astray by Mike Edmonson
Ben Hendry’s Blog
The Learning and Leading Life by Angél Kytle
Application Nation by Erin McCubbin
Creating a Teacher Blog by Nicole Wright
Romathio by Robin Mathews
Amy Wilkes’ Blog
Learn as You Go by Katie Cain


Working with these inspirational educators and bloggers is an honor, privilege, and humbling experience for me…
Building Capacity by Jim Tiffin
It’s About Learning by Bo Adams
Edubrew – Get Your Daily Jolt!
Design Movement by Brett Jacobsen
Creative Tension by Blair Peterson
Curriculum Reflections by Nicole Martin
Visible Reflections by Shelley Clifford
I Wonder…by Meghan Cureton
Planting T’s by TJ Edwards
Trey Boden’s Blog
JamCamExperience by James Campbell
Science in the Middle by Susan Oltman
Melody Wiggins’ Blog

More Bloggers 
Connected Principals
George Couros
Deep Design Thinking by Mary Cantwell
Kato Nims
Marsha Harris
Bragging about Education by Alex Bragg
Suzanne Couvillion’s Blog
Finding Space by Mikey Canup
Adam Johnson

Student Bloggers
Kylie Smith-Wolfe
Skyler Tiffin


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