Design Thinking

Chip & Shelley Fuse 16

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Blog Posts:
Love Beyond Walls (6/16/16)
Fuse 2016: Coaching Design Thinking (6/15/16)
Drones: Gateway to Learning, Design, and Impact (3/19/16)
Fuse 2015: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Design Thinking (6/6/15)
Sustainable Design (11/4/15)
4 Qualities of Empathy (9/28/15)
Design Thinking: First Day of School Challenge (8/11/15)
Connecting the Dots: The Intersection of the MV Continuum, Design Thinking, and Instructional Rounds (1/29/15)
Atlanta K-12 Design Thinking Challenge: Year Two (8/18/14)
Fuse 2014: Design Thinking and Badges (6/27/14)
Atlanta K-12 Design Thinking Challenge: Year One (3/26/14)
What Can We Learn From Master Schedule Prototypes? (12/9/13)

Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation – The DEEPDt Flow
Fuse Conference 2016: MVIFI
Standford d.School’s Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking

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