Written by Chip Houston

Produced by Scott Patton at APC Studios

2003 – from the album “Chasing the Dark”

Capo 2 – Standard Tuning

A                   D

Taking a drive

I don’t know where I’m going

But I hope I get there soon


By my side

You’re just as lost as I am

We just hum that same old tune




But we’re going somewhere


Tired of being nowhere


We’re going somewhere

I hope we get there soon


The sky rolls by

My thoughts fade into nowhere

Miles like minutes in my mind


Chasing a dream

My friends all think I’m crazy

But you’re still right here with me




(bridge)     F#m      D       A        E     (2x)       C        D

With every passing town

As we stop and stare

All these memories

Seem to say

We’re going somewhere

We’re going somewhere

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