#MusicMonday : Whispers Like Thunder


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i love music. one of my favorite songwriters, kristian bush, posts a new song he has written each week on mondays. inspired by him and others, here is my first #musicmonday offering.

i believe God is closer than we realize. closer than our very breath. he is present and speaks into our lives. he has the power to calm the storm. he is my source of peace. my favorite line is the bridge, “carry me back to your arms, hold me there safe from the storm.”

i wrote this song, like a lot of my songs, in a way that may be interpreted as being about God or perhaps about other powerful relationships. it’s up to you to give it your own meaning.

whispers like thunder
by chip houston 2011

in the pouring rain
it’s the sweetest pain
won’t you call my name?

will you rescue me
from the raging sea?
it’s surrounding me

your voice whispers
like thunder
it rumbles
deep inside my chest
it feels like
i’m finally going under
but I hear you call
like thunder

watch the water rise
fear before my eyes
can you hear my cries?

like a beating drum
sinking in the flood
can you save me?
can you save me love?


carry me
back to your arms
hold me there
safe from the storm

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