Take the 7/47 Challenge!

A few weeks ago at our annual Honors Assembly, a challenge was issued to the entire Mount Vernon community including students, parents, and teachers across Preschool through Grade 12. The challenge has 3 parts and takes place during the season of Lent beginning March 5 and ending April 20. Lent is 40 days, but including weekends, it is 47…

1) Live out the 7 Checkpoints (Andy Stanley) for 47 days.

2) Take a break (fast) from social media. *

3) Read the 4 Gospels.

SevenCheckpoints2 SevenCheckpoints1

* Fasting is traditionally associated with food and water, though you can fast from almost anything. An important point to be made is that social media (like food and water) is a great thing. Food and water (like social media or anything else) can be misused. Giving up social media for this challenge is not a commentary on the value of social media. I am an active user and advocate for social media. I believe it is worthy of being sacrificed for a period of time for the purpose of spiritual growth. I hope you’ll dare to take the 7/47 Challenge along with us!

Support our FCA by purchasing a 7/47 Challenge bracelet for $2 and let it serve as a daily reminder of your commitment to taking the challenge!

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