Pre-Planning Recap: Day 3

Today, Middle School teachers had the pleasure of working with Meg Cureton on a design thinking flash lab centered around making connections with one another. DT FLash LabConnections: Design Thinking Flash Lab
Part of the flash lab included these two excellent videos (we may have skipped the second one, actually, be we’ve used it before and it’s really good).

Get Things Done
We had a few hours to get some things done on our own and grab some lunch. Then, we followed up on our morning flash lab with some creative time in the Studio(i) maker space. We took our low-res prototypes and turned them into something more high-res and impactful for one another. We also learned how to use several of the technologies in the studio.

Maker LabMiddle School Maker Lab
Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 4.28.39 PMMake, Design, and Engineering @ MVPS


Pre-Planning Recap: Day 2

day 2

Today was a robust, action-packed day #2 of pre-planning. Front-loading and launching the key initiatives for the upcoming semester, communicating the basic “housekeeping” items, duties + red binders (Thank you Mel), preparing for R & D teams (Thank you Angél), and getting CPR (re)-certified (Thank you Anne-Brown and Patsy). Here are the slide presentations for Advisory (Thank you Max and Tasha), Visible Thinking (Thank you Ann and Charles), and Eportfolios (Thank you Katie).

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.08.32 PM


Pre-Planning Template

Pre-Planning Template

Pre-planning is an exciting, creative, critical, and stressful time all at once. Teachers are anxious to prep their plans and classrooms. Administrators want to give and protect teacher planning time, yet also devote team time to key initiatives and wildly important goals. In addition, there are other important groups that need time with both teachers and admin (CPR training, Advancement, Business Office, R & D), plus time to connect with “All School.” Finding the right balance can be challenging.

Pre-planning template
Pre-planning template

In the spirit of sharing, here is the template we used this year. Gold represents Middle School team time. Royal blue stands for “Get Stuff Done” – time for teachers to do as they see fit. Navy blue is for “All School events.” Red is for CPR. White is for lunch, photos, and orientation.

As much as possible, faculty members are invited to create and lead sessions, distributing leadership across the team. And our team does such a great job!

For those responsible for planning your team’s pre-planning agenda, feel free to use this for inspiration. And please share your own tips and insights!