Measuring R & D Priorities

Measuring R & D Priorities This afternoon, the Social Studies R & D team convened for its 3rd meeting of the year. Our agenda was as follows: 3:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Gallery walk: Small groups of 3-4 rotate among 4 posters. Each poster contains 1 of the 4 priority goals that every R & D team has been charged with accomplishing. On post it notes, team members write what each one means a) in his/her own classroom and b) for our R & D team at large. The purpose was to a) expose and remind team members to these […]

Commitment Is Better Than Compliance

Commitment Is Better Than Compliance Adopt this philosophy and you will live long in the land. Great leaders know the difference and how to achieve it. One can apply this philosophy to any team, organization, group, family, etc. Today, let’s apply it to the discipline philosophy of a school. When the goal is simply to get kids to follow the rules in the handbook a specific culture is created. It is a culture of law. Teachers spend their time nagging students to stop chewing gum, tuck in their shirts, get in line, and hush up. The nature of the teacher/student […]

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