Visiting Brightworks

Visiting Brightworks Arriving a day early for the NAIS Conference in San Francisco, our team took the opportunity to visit the Brightworks school. Greeted by Founder and Education¬†Architect Gever Tully who wrote the book 50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do, I was immediately struck by the open layout and the sense of freedom and possibility in the school. Students can access tools to construct prototypes of nearly anything one can imagine. The more dangerous tools are placed higher on the wall, if only to give pause to a student before proceeding to utilize.¬† We were given a […]

Passion Based Learning

Passion Based Learning: The “Other” PBL Middle School students in Grades 7 & 8 are piloting an incredible opportunity with an incredible educator. Over a dozen students voluntarily signed up for a 6 week course (2 days per week) stayed after school to pursue their own learning passions. Led by a volunteer teacher, Mikala Streeter, students are diving deep into a whole range of topics they they chose including coding, cooking, stop motion video making, origami, and guitar. How might we create more opportunities like this for our students? Resources:¬† I Build Learning Experiences by Mikala Streeter Why and How […]

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