Clutter Comes From Indecisiveness

Recently, I signed up for a series of webinars through The Principal Center. In the constant pursuit of greater organization and more effective workflow, I’m excited to learn more about how to improve some of my work habits. So excited, in fact, I want to share… The 5 key benchmarks that can dramatically increase your capacity to manage the work of leadership: Keep your desk clear Keep your inbox empty Work from your leadership agenda Keep your to-do list up to date Follow your calendar

#2 Introducing Your Newest Team Member: Gandalf

Organizing and improving all of the goals, events, reflections, feedback, ideas, touch points, and priorities that occur in the life of a school from year to year is like drinking from a fire hose. I am constantly seeking out new ways to be more effective and efficient at managing and leading. This Spring I had a breakthrough. In the summer of 2005, I took a week long course at Oglethorpe University through the College Board for certification to teach AP World History. The instructor was Larry Treadwell. I will never forget him. In one week, my approach to teaching was […]

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