Unleash the Drone!

Unleash the drone! A crowd of over 350 students and teachers cheered and watched in awe as the DJI Phantom 3 drone was unleashed on middle school during chapel announcements. The drone is the newest piece of interactive technology to be purchased for student and teacher learning. While many fascinating learning opportunities exist with such tech (students will learn to fly, as well as design new uses and explore ethical decision making in current events), our drone has become a vehicle for introducing another emerging technology: digital badging. Unleash the drone! As a way to expand the learning measures, Mrs. […]

Interactive Tech: Learning Drones

Interactive Tech: Learning Drones The Student Engagement Plan of Mount Vernon’s iPlan17 calls for educators to “provide appropriate access to emerging technology where students actively engage in using interactive tech…” As if Chromebooks, Clear Touches, ePortfolios, Google Docs and other interactive technologies aren’t enough, I’m “flying high” with excitement to share that we’ve purchased a drone. I believe there are unlimited applications and possibilities for learning with this new machinery. Drones and other aerial tech will play an increasingly relevant and complicated role in the lives and futures of our students. They should not only know how to operate these […]

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