Clutter Comes From Indecisiveness

Recently, I signed up for a series of webinars through The Principal Center. In the constant pursuit of greater organization and more effective workflow, I’m excited to learn more about how to improve some of my work habits. So excited, in fact, I want to share… The 5 key benchmarks that can dramatically increase your capacity to manage the work of leadership: Keep your desk clear Keep your inbox empty Work from your leadership agenda Keep your to-do list up to date Follow your calendar

# 25 Cracking the ‘Email Code’

For the past few years, I have been experimenting with a variety of approaches to email. My goal has been to respond to every email in a timely fashion and leave with my inbox at zero at the end of the day. I’ve literally gone months without being successful at this goal. The more you respond to emails, the more you generate. As my friend says, “It’s like digging a hole in sand, the hole just keeps getting deeper and collapsing on itself.” Thankfully, persistence pays off. I believe I may have finally cracked the code. For 7 days in […]

#11 Empty Gmail Inbox Daily

1 in a 3 Part Series on Self-Discipline 1 – Effective Email 2 – Weekly Plan 3 – Life Planning Each year for the past several years, our school has declared a theme. The year of story. The year of design. The year of celebration and innovation. The year of collaboration. I have decided to have my own personal theme this year: the year of self-discipline. I want to be healthier. This includes goals I keep putting off such as going to bed earlier, exercising more consistently in the morning, eating more natural foods, drinking less coke. I need to […]

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