Students Share Eportfolio Feedback

Students Share Eportfolio Feedback Students Share Eportfolio Feedback

5 Middle School students took advantage of an offer to spend time working with me to ‘crack the code’ on making eportfolios more engaging for students. We met last week for an initial ‘discovery’ conversation. Students freely shared their likes and dislikes. Some snippets are captured in the videos below. Also, this week, students connected with the president and founder of Digication┬áto share their ideas and questions, as well as learn more about the purpose and design of the platform we use.
Students Share Eportfolio Feedback

Many exciting plans are unfolding for this group of volunteer students. Undoubtedly, their enthusiasm and ‘user’ feedback will continue to move the needle for eportfolios in positive direction for all learners.

What are your thoughts about eportfolios? What ideas and questions can you share?

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