Students Erase Meanness

Students Erase Meanness

Today in chapel, Mount Vernon students joined tens of thousands of others across the world by pledging to erase meanness. Here are a few of the pledges…

Students Erase MeannessI will apologize to my friend.
I’m gonna stop judging people first hand.
I’m going to try and stand up for people.
I will be kind and defend others.
I am going to try to forgive more easily.
I will try to include everyone.

Students Erase Meanness
Students posted their written pledges on the cross in the back of the Gym after chapel, committing to follow Christ’s example and teaching to “Do unto others…”
Students erase meanness
Students were asked to recall a time they were mistreated by meanness. Then, a time they committed meanness to someone else. They wrote it down. We took all of their papers and “erased” the meanness with a pitcher of water.
students erase meanness
Counselor Dr. Bynum invites students to pledge to erase meanness.
Students erase meanness
Students approach the cross to pledge to erase meanness and follow Christ’s call to “do unto others…”


Students Erase Meanness
We use The Seven Checkpoints by Andy Stanley and Stuart Hall as a framework for our Chapel and Christian Ed.

Students Erase Meanness Erase Meanness Website

Students Erase Meanness
Two students narrate a skit to illustrate options for responding to meanness . (Faculty are acting out on stage – not visible here – but highly entertaining).
Students erase meanness
The #MVMiddle Praise Dance Team always inspires us.

Students Erase Meanness


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