#MVMiddle Professional Learning

August – Pre-Planning
September 4 – Group Work Norms & e-portfolios
October 2 – Group Work Norms Part II
November 6 – Unit Assessment Mapping
January 5 – SMART Goals and Re-imagining Conference Day
February 5 – Space Configurations and Student Engagement/Ownership
March/April – TBD
May – TBD

Wildly Important Goal: Nurture Innovators
a. Instructional Rounds
b. eportfolios
c. Understanding by Design
* Atlanta K12 Design Challenge

August – Pre Planning
Aug 7 & 8 – Understanding By Design Intro
Oct 11 – Understanding by Design Stage I – Essential Questions, Big Ideas, Enduring Understandings (Create Interdisciplinary Units)
November 6 – Design Thinking Challenge – Master Scheduling
Nov 8 – Understanding by Design Stage II (Part I) & Performance Task Intro
January 8 – Understanding by Design Stage II (Part II)
February 5 – Performance Tasks Feedback
Feb 14 – Understanding by Design Stage II (Part III)
February 27: Rubrics
March 19 – Rubrics II
Summer Learning: Read Innovator’s DNA, Grading & Group Work
July – FUSE Conference – Design Thinking

Wildly Important Goals:
Provide Exceptional Customer Service
100% Alignment with School’s Mission & iPlan17

October 5 – Founders Campus Reinvestment Designs
January 7 – How to Infuse the Mindsets
February 15 – Balanced Assessments
Summer Learning: Read UbD, 7 Checkpoints, & Exceptional Customer Service

Wildly Important Goals:
Establish a Professional Learning Community
90% Retention
100% Alignment with the School’s Mission & iPlan17

2 thoughts on “#MVMiddle Professional Learning

  1. We’ve covered a lot in our three years together! Instead of a rundown of dates, dress codes, etc., our faculty meetings have become more intentional, more worthwhile, and more useful. We are able and encouraged to “take away” whatever we’ve discussed in faculty meetings and implement in our classrooms. In addition, our voices are being heard. We were able to (re)-imagine a Conference Day… and lo and behold, we are trying something new. Let’s keep up the intentionality!

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