New Faculty Orientation & Admin Meeting Recap

new teacher orientationToday was a full and fun day of meeting with new and familiar teammates. We welcomed all of the new faculty members with some fun icebreakers, followed by a Design Thinking Flashlab, then a few other sessions followed by a relaxing lunch.
chip - new teacher orientationAfterwards, the Admin Team, led by Dr. Jacobsen, met to discuss our summer reading
“A Curious Mind” by Brian Grazer, reflecting and sharing on a time when we were curious.

– is a tool
– is a technique
– is essential to survival
– allows, presumes, creates
– is risky
– is vital to storytelling, is the engine of a great story
– is fun, enriching

My question, “Where does curiosity come from?” or “Why do we get curious? Why are we wired for natural curiosity?”

From a book called “The Connection Culture”

People who feel connected…
– perform at the top of their game
– give their best effort
– align their behavior with the organization’s goals
– help improve the quality of decisions
– actively contribute to innovation

“every conversation provides an opp to…
– move the vision forward
– neutralize it
– take it backwards”

Check out the Manhattan Henge by Neil Tyse DeGrassie

How do you practice curiosity as a daily discipline?

“To care about people, you have to wonder about them.” – B. Grazer

We were sorted by teams and challenged to be Multipliers.
– Different type of leadership calculation
– What I invest in today will impact tomorrow
– Achieves breakthroughs in small bites with exponential results
– Stops prioritizing the urgent (how soon is it going to matter?) and starts prioritizing the significant (how long is this going to matter?)

We participated in breakout sessions and got to hear from several of our teams (Admissions, Philanthropy, Partnerships, Brand/Communications, & Business Office) Each presenter/workshop was fun and insightful – I’m proud to be part of a team with these professional folks!

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