Star Wars Characters Who Embody the MV Mindsets

Star Wars Characters Who Embody the MV Mindsets

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Solution Seeker – R2 D2 saves the day countless times with his resourcefulness and high intelligence. The small, lovable droid definitely fits this mindset as he evaluates, discerns, and tests solutions that are more often than not successful. The video below makes the case better than description.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 4.25.03 PMR2D2


line dividerEthical Decision Maker- Luke Skywalker has such great empathy that he can sense when his friends are suffering on Cloud City (before it happens). His compassion for his friends leads him to put aside his own training as a Jedi and race to their rescue. He demonstrates his sense of personal responsibility when he returns to finish his training with Yoda. When Luke is tempted to give in to the dark side, he resists the pull of the evil Darth Sidious, exhibiting his integrity, and even convinces his very evil father, Darth Vader, to return to the light side of the force.

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Luke Skywalker

line dividerCommunicator – C3P0 is fluent in over 6,000,000 forms of communication. He’s kinda got this one in the bag. And yet his body language, tone, and bluntness are often received as annoying or awkward, revealing how difficult and complex the art of effective communication truly is to master.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 4.40.17 PMc3po

line dividerCreative Thinker – Han Solo adapts, improvises, imagines, and challenges assumptions. He’s the greatest character in the Star Wars universe. Han challenges assumptions by scoffing at Obi Wan and questioning the existence of the Force, the very thing that holds and binds the whole universe together. He suspends judgement, sometimes recklessly, like when he flies the Falcon head first into the asteroid field or chases the stormtroopers around the Death Star. He never asks if something is possible until after he’s done it. In the cantina, when Greedo cornered him to collect Jabba’s bounty, Han improvised and adapted by shooting first.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 4.45.33 PMHan-Solo-Movie-021016

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Innovator – Princess Leia may seem like an unlikely choice. And the case could be made that her mother, Queen Amidala (Padme’) has an even greater influence on the galaxy. So hear me out. Princess Leia leads a rebellion in a climate¬†of change and uncertainty. Almost hopeless (hence ‘A New Hope). She builds resilience through risk-taking and setbacks to deliver the stolen plans to the Death Star, as her ship is captured by the Empire, she is held prisoner¬†and tortured in the cell block by Darth Vader, and her planet Alderaan is blown up before her very eyes, possibly making Star Wars a contender for ‘movie with the highest death count.’ And what idea could have more value or meaning that leading a rebellion for freedom? Sounds like an innovator to me.

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Collaborator – Chewbacca is the ultimate co-pilot, friend, and team player. He shares the credit – in fact he didn’t even get a medal at the ceremony at the end of Episode IV. He leads by example – maybe because only Han can understand him. His team is certainly diverse (smuggler, droid, moisture farmer, retired jedi master, princess) and who can question his loyalty and strong partnership with Captain Solo? If you were walking down a dark alley at midnight, who else would you want to ‘collaborate’ with?

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.05.12 AMchewie

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