Letter to Middle School Families

Dear Middle School Families,

I highly recommend reading “The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators.” The authors outline five discovery skills that distinguish innovative entrepreneurs and executives from ordinary managers: Associating, Questioning, Observing, Networking, and Experimenting.” While the book’s intended audience leans towards adult individuals and teams in the business sector, I believe our students and teachers currently demonstrate and can benefit from continued sharpening and development of these skills. I think you will enjoy reading about the value of generating metaphors, scampering, questioning the unquestionable, observing with all of your senses, disassembling products, building prototypes, and regularly piloting new ideas. Along those lines, there are innovations all around us…

Innovation Diploma

Rising 9th grade students who earn Mount Vernon’s Innovation Diploma will be more than innovation ready. It’s a chance to discover or rediscover creative confidence–that natural ability to come up with new ideas and dig up the courage to actually try them out. Applications are due March 21. Contact Meg Cureton mcureton@mountvernonschool.org Apply Today!

Interesting Article: Even the SAT is undergoing innovation in an attempt to stay relevant Changes to SAT – College Ready

Upcoming Events

April 17 – Spring Sports Pep Rally 8:50 a.m.

The Middle School will celebrate the spring sports teams, athletes, and coaches while competing for the spirit stick and enjoying a fun gathering of students in Grades 5-8.

April 25 – Mustang Rally

Important details about the Mustang Rally Event can be found here.

What is Mustang Rally? This signature All-School event is one of the Big 4 funding initiatives for Mount Vernon. Mustang Rally is an exciting day where all students in Preschool through Grade 12 build school spirit, increase campus unity and create pride in individual and group achievement. Please invite grandparents and special friends to attend this special day along with you. We invite parents to take the day off from all other commitments to spend the day with their children at Mount Vernon.

ERB Testing
April 8-10 – Grade 6
April 29 – May 1 – Grades 7 & 8
May 13-15 – Grade 5

Rising Parent Meetings 8:00 a.m.
April 28 Rising Grade 5
May 2 Rising Grades 7 & 8
May 5 Rising Grade 6
Locations: TBD

Summer Camps 2014

Important details about Summer Camps can be found here.
Mount Vernon promises a summer to remember for young campers. After surveying over 300 students, we are offering summer camp sessions designed by the students, with the students, and for the students! Dedicated to creating an authentic summer-camp experience, each camper will be challenged to develop strong character, build collaboration skills, and laugh, laugh, laugh. Campers will be greeted, encouraged, and challenged each day by our highly trained counselors.


Chip Houston
Head of Middle School

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