Leadership Badge Series

Leadership Badge Series

Here is a badge design I am experimenting with as a way to show appreciation and recognition for leadership. This badge does not have a ‘submit evidence’ but it is awarded by me or it has the ‘nominate a peer’ option.

This is the first in a series of leadership badges I will design and issue.

What do you think?

Leadership Badge Series

1 thought on “Leadership Badge Series

  1. Tasha Mines says:

    Interesting! I love the idea of not necessarily showing evidence to earn this badge, but nominated by you or a peer. As a leader, this is a way to get teachers to be recognized for hard work and leadership (not necessarily in an official leadership role), and to boost team morale by being proud of the work the people surrounding us are doing daily. It will be interesting to see how this is received and develops as the ‘Leadership Badge Series’ story unfolds…thanks for sharing!

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