Interactive Tech: Learning Drones

Thanks for Mikey Canup for saying "Yes!" to our wild ideas. I love my School!
Thanks to Mikey Canup for saying “Yes!” to our wild ideas. I love my School!

Interactive Tech: Learning Drones
The Student Engagement Plan of Mount Vernon’s iPlan17 calls for educators to “provide appropriate access to emerging technology where students actively engage in using interactive tech…”

As if Chromebooks, Clear Touches, ePortfolios, Google Docs and other interactive technologies aren’t enough, I’m “flying high” with excitement to share that we’ve purchased a drone.

I believe there are unlimited applications and possibilities for learning with this new machinery. Drones and other aerial tech will play an increasingly relevant and complicated role in the lives and futures of our students. They should not only know how to operate these vehicles, but consider their many positive and potentially harmful uses, as well as devise systems and strategies for maximizing the best this tech has to offer.

So, don’t be surprised, when walking around the campus or surrounding neighborhoods if you hear the light hum of our newest experiment or see (insert cool nickname for our drone here – maybe we should have a contest) soaring overhead along the sidewalks and athletic fields.

How would you utilize drones and other interactive technologies to teach your students about math, science, physics, law, ethical decision making, and so much more?

How can we solve real world problems with drones?

Anti-Drone Defense System (Could students design these?)

Facebook to deliver internet to remote parts of the world with large drone.

Drones can be used to enforce property rights.

NASA is working on drones that can fly in space.

Using drones to transport blood samples could speed diagnosis, treatment.

Concept video where drone responds to 911 call, then uses infrared camera to guide police to the fleeing burglar at night.

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