Implementing Instructional Rounds

Implementing Instructional Rounds

Recently, the idea was posed to usĀ about how to implement instructional rounds. I’m so excited at the prospect of sharing this valuable practice with other educators, that my mind began racing. Hundreds of thoughts all crashing together in my mind at the same instant.

Pulling out a trusty, white legal pad, I began to scribble down questions. Ah, start with questions. It’s embedded in my DNA.

Questions for Schools to Discuss Before IR

  • Can you describe your school’s current model for observation? Current evaluation model? Feedback model?
  • Is there any peer to peer observation happening in your school?
  • If you were to start with a small, pilot group, who are the people who will observe? What training do they need?
  • Who will be observed? What training or information will they need?
  • Are the right conditions of trust in place? Or do they need to be developed before beginning IR?
  • What tool will you use during the observations to capture what you see? What are the key elements or problems of practice you will focus on during your rounds?
  • How will you structure your debriefs? What formal or procedure will you use? How will you prepare people for the debrief to get the most out of it?
  • Logistically, when and how will you schedule the rounds and debriefs?
  • instructional rounds
    The Science Vertical Team debriefs after an observation. Trust is key to a successful conversation. The focus is growth not evaluation.

    instructional rounds
    Bo Adams shares about how MVPS approaches instructional rounds.

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