Germany 2018 – Feb 23

Amsterdam – Berlin

Sat next to a guy who was sick, coughing, and taking up with arm chair – he was by the window, I was in the middle. Luckily, the flight was only one hour. Arrived in Germany and our baggage claim was small and immediately outside the plane in the airport. Got our stuff and was immediately greeted by our guide Dionysia. She greeted us with kisses and was very enthusiastic and clear with her instructions. We boarded the bus and headed through Berlin to our hotel. It was about a 30 minute drive and she gave us some history. Most of the buildings were very similar and were part of East Berlin during the Cold War – cookie cutter and boring buildings. Arrived at hotel and put our stuff in the dining area – check in was later after we returned from a quick jaunt into the city.

Road the yellow train – seemingly much more accessible than Marta. Went downtown and ate at a nice restaurant – ordered too much – salad, caprese, and pepperoni pizza. Enjoyed chatting with Erin, Alex, and Jenn. Felt the effects of no sleep and jet lag. Walked around and Got a chocolate eclair at Lindt’s. Spent the afternoon the at Topography of Terror Museum and Checkpoint Charlie. Saw a remaining section of the Berlin Wall. Then took the yellow train with the group to a mall – ate dinner – sausage and brotwurst. Then back to the hotel.

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