Germany 2018 – Feb 22

Day 1

Atlanta – Amsterdam

I hate to fly. First time inside the international terminal. Checked my bags and greeted families as they arrived. We posed for a group picture, said farewell to the parents and we were off. Through security and to the gate. Much nicer than domestic. Ate lunch with the bags – a chicken quesadilla. Bought a blue t-shirt at Tommy Hilfiger b/c mine was already sweaty. Boarded the plane and we were off. Read about the Beatles “Here, There, and Everywhere” written by a young studio engineer who worked with them from the start. The fed us constantly and the food was good. I listened to music and tried to relax as I read. I played the Sim City app. Couldn’t get the new iPad keyboard to work (figured out later to hold down the lock button longer). I wrote in journal a quick timeline of major life events 1976 to present as the start of further writings and documentation. Watched Thor Ragnorok. I watched along with the flight tracker no the screen in front of me – noticing the flight path closely followed the eastern coast of the USA heading north over canada, Greenland, and a couple of hours over the ocean. Seemed like in no time we flew over Virginia, DC, New York, etc. Then watched as we flew over Northern Ireland and Liverpool, England. Landed in Amsterdam in the early morning, had a Starbucks in the airport and quick transition to next plane.

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