Feedback from Performance Task (UbD Stage 2) and iPlan17

What was your biggest takeaway about performance tasks? What questions do you still have about performance tasks? How relevant was the focus of the professional learning on Jan 6 for your classroom practice? What new insights did you gain about the connection between “the initiatives we have launched” and the “why” behind them? In Wednesday’s faculty meeting, what was your biggest takeaway from giving and receiving feedback with vertical teams on your performance task designs? How familiar are you with the details of “Design and Demonstrate” in the Strategic iPlan17? To what degree do you plan to utilize GRASPS as a criteria for shaping the quality of the performance tasks you will design moving forward? To what degree do you think the Middle School team as a whole is embracing UbD Stages 1 & 2?
Making them real-world applicable, hands-on & meaningful How to assess them 10 I still think we are trying to do too much; it would be far more beneficial to focus intently on a few rather than trying to spread ourselves (teachers) so thin loved working with my vertical team! We wish we had more time to collaborate. We all greatly benefited from sharing our ideas & receiving feedback. 5 10 7
how unique and valuable they can be how to assess 7 I like hearing the ideas 4 8
collaborating with others from my vertical team how fast are they expected to be produced and used in our classrooms? 8 That even though we have so many launched at once, we all take on a different aspect of them that we treasure, utilize, and learn from the most Getting better ideas for the PRODUCT portion of my GRASPS 3 8 5
GRASPS The timing of PT in the series of formative and summative assessments 10 The Strategic Plan is guiding us, and we need to review this more to best understand the importance of our new initiatives That I am not alone – many other GREAT teachers are learning this too, and collaboration really helps! 5 10 5
I loved the fact that I was given insight how to include the Unsung Hero Project into the everyday teaching on ancient civilizations. none at the moment. Some will probably arise as I work on completing one. 10 answered in number 1 question. 1 8 8
Collaborating with others None 10 I love the WHY Opinions from different perspectives (age, gender, parent vs. not) 6 10 9
An actual performance task “Situation” 10 Love the bridge between the whys and the initiatives–it all made sense when Chip wrote it on the board I received a more detailed, a more relevant task 5 8 10
That they do not have to occur only at the end of a unit. Also, they are much easier to form and use if you craft them using the GRASPS format. How do you adequately assess them? How will rubrics fit in to this discussion,, and what are the most effective ways to create and use rubrics? 10 I made relevant connections with our initiatives and our strategic plan. It became more apparent that we aren’t just launching new initiatives to launch them. There are distinct purposes and reasons why, and it all revolves around the strategic plan. Collaboration is key with performance tasks. So many insights are gained for consulting with your peers. You gain new ideas and give new ideas. 5 10 4
How important the setting is What is an exemplar rubric for a performance task 10 The purpose behind our initiatives Student choice 3 10 8
The process of working backwards from the goal. No real questions. I’m still working through developing it, but will get there eventually. 9 They are all new insights for me as I’m fairly new to this whole process. The helpful suggestions from team members. 2 8 9
They are a good way of assessing real world application capability. What is the best way to create/grade transdisciplinary transfer tasks? 9 5 8 7
how applicable they are none right now 10 that there is a reason for everything. that we really need to be helping each other because some teachers still don;t understand performance tasks and even if they do we need honest feedback and more ideas. 3 10 7
How I can take lessons that I already teach and adjust them to performance tasks How to assess the assessments! 8 I could see the connection more readily. I gt some good ideas to extend the direction in which I was going. 6 9 8

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