Feedback from Instructional Rounds: New Network

A team of 4 Middle School Teachers and 4 Administrators piloted the second instructional rounds group in Mount Vernon’s Middle School starting in January 2014. After one pre-brief (to establish norms and goals), four observations and four group debriefs, we concluded our rounds with one final post-brief session. Here is the feedback…

What was good about this IR experience?

Greatest learning came from hearing about others’ feedback
Our group allowed the conversation to be organic
I benefited from an inside view of the all the classrooms
This increases the respect for our profession
It allowed me to form relationships with teammates on other grades and on the other campus
Made me more willing to take risks
Feedback is less scary if you feel supported and cared for.
As a new teacher, I felt like part of the community

What could improve the instructional rounds experience?

Focus on a problem of practice
Divide of areas of specific focus among observers
Bring in research and apply
Include peers in observations (rotate or video tape)
Teachers request observation for specific lessons (when they want feedback)

What could we improve about Proto 3 (the instrument we use to gather the observation data)?

Did the teacher get the feedback they wanted/needed each time?
Time is challenging to fill it all out
Is it redundant? (reading #4 – the transcript four times, mostly the same)
I want more questions and coaching in my feedback
Would it be more useful with a specific focus?
It was good because it has made me more intentional about the mindsets
Add indicators to mindsets
Plan professional learning around the data gained in the pedagogical map

What do you see as part of the next iteration of instructional rounds here?

IR networks become research teams, too. 2-3 research teams
HMW nurture innovation?
Teacher action research question/SMART goal
spread the love, but keep this team
spread to other divisions, other teachers
lesson plan of the month? demo slam/lesson slam?

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