Faculty Feedback from #MVMiddle Orientation Day

What was good about yesterday’s orientation? What could be improved about yesterday’s orientation? What outstanding concerns, needs, or questions did students or their parents express to you that require follow up? Anything else?
Meeting parents and getting their input/perception of their students needs. Can’t think of anything Heard negative comments about lockers in the bathroom, and the temperature in same. nothing else
Went very smoothly. Wonderful to meet students and relieve anxiety. I watched it leave a number of faces. We need to be prepared for the crowd. None expressed to me that I couldn’t answer or re-direct to someone who could answer. Wonderful start!
Great transition from 7th to 8th grade.

Had enough time to give solid attention to parents that had questions concerning curriculum and even to help students open their lockers.

Great orientation!

n/a If a calculator was required this year.

8th grade math and Algebra I-no

No because we will be using an app/program on their chromebooks that enable to solve using trigonometry and to graph linear functions.


Everyone was very nice, and the crowds moved well. One of my student’s lockers has been broken for weeks, he couldn’t get in it yesterday; a harder cut-off time (parents and students still roaming well after 3:00) Where do we put our band instruments?
When will we know where to go for expanded core?
Energy – I loved the twinkle lights in the hallway, students were excited to be there, parents were happy to be back. I didn’t mind the lights honestly. It was a relaxing way to start the new year. I hope we keep them and use them from time to time. Fluorescent can be too industrial. I got a lot of questions about the schedule which I answered immediately. Having advisory and expanded core at the bottom of the schedule was confusing, especially in the period 7 and 8. None. Thank you for a great orientation! It was fun.
Loved Tasha’s humor during presentation, and my room looks fabulous although it was a bit musty from the water coming in. Making sure there parents have a place to sit in bleachers during presentation. n/a n/a
It was good we handed students Chromebooks and didn’t try to set them up here. It gets a little hecitc with the 5th setting up and getting into lockers. Parents were worried about the schedule and keeping all items in the lockers. No
Positive and beautifully garbed faculty making introductions, answering questions from parents and students, and assisting those with specific needs nothing – great job! none – all students and parents’ needs taken care of immediately during orientation Student volunteers delivering books to classrooms was awesome. Could we have them write students names on books too next year (that took away valuable planning time)?
Get “room” checklist and ALL orientation information to teachers in pre-planning (instead of over the weekend, or the day before orientation)
avoid redundant emails and information (for example, one “room readiness” checklist and one shared “orientation presentation” would suffice instead of multiple ones).
I was so impressed with some of the new 6th grade students coming up to me personally, without a parent, and introducing themselves! Many parents seemed very positive about MVPS and the upcoming year. Maybe a list of the new students for each Homeroom and what school they are coming from. One missing Chromebook for a new student, however, Tasha was very good in meeting that need for me and the student. Nothing.
Tasha! What a gift she has for making it fun! Enthusiasm of all the teachers. Everyone’s rooms look ready and reflect them and their subjects. Etra chairs in the gym? I had no questions. Nothing at this time.
Positive energy flowing from faculty, and the MSAB looked great (in my opinion!) There also were no major issues reported, and students and parents seemed to have a solid grasp of schedules/lockers etc. Consider having students go to their lockers by level next year. For example, top lockers in 7th grade go first in the hallways while the bottom locker students stay in advisory for teachers to answer questions from parents. This might help cut down on the congestion in the hallway. None. None
I only observed the 5/6 session. The presentation was full of ENERGY! Awesome feel.

Having all the students’ items in advisory organized on tables was a win. Easy and convenient.

Not overlapping 5/6 and K-4 Orientation was a win.

Student leadership.

I wish we had enough seating for everyone in the FC gym–specifically the Fifth Grade. Many people came in a little late and were standing crowded by the door. I wish there was somewhere for the students to put their locker stuff during the presentation. It was a little cumbersome. I wish we had thought to spend a moment introducing the new kids to the Orientation Leaders. It was tough to connect them in the crowds. Open with a prayer? N/A Excellent work. Well organized. Passionate teachers. Go MVMiddle!
I liked that is was broken up by grades due to our size decorating lockers HMW streamline that craziness none we have a great team and teachers who are so invested in the kids!
I liked that is was broken up by grades due to our size decorating lockers HMW streamline that craziness none we have a great team and teachers who are so invested in the kids!
-Students were SO great! So respectful. The piles of resources were ready to go and all of my students lockers worked (eventually). Power point great. Jenny provided great customer service by using the student orientation leaders to go get chairs out of her room for extra parents/overflow. Somehow staggering the students heading to their locker. Many parents and students back today because they felt overwhelmed by the process yesterday. Showing on the big ppt at the beginning how you have to zero out, spin to the right 3 times, left twice etc so they’ve seen someone do it. Think we got all of them answered from the experts. Some questions that came up frequently that I was not prepared for as a new teacher:
1) where do they meet for keyboarding/spanish/specials etc. I found out quickly that they meet in our rooms but we didn’t know what room specifically.
2) The schedule that was given to them is SUPER confusing and had the wrong room numbers on it. We’re going to make personalized blue and gold schedules with them in advising but maybe the format can be changed to an Example blue day and example gold day for each student. (And leave off 2nd semester). Many questions about that.
3) where the music room is…I found it today but was never shown on the tour
4) What they do in the AM. Do they go to the advisory room? Sit in the hall etc.

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