Every Kid Is Worth a Conversation

Dear Upper School Families,

On Wednesday, October 25, all students in Grades 9-12 are invited to lead a 25-minute conference with their advisor and parent(s). Students will share their goals, present demonstrations of learning, identify curiosities and strengths, and seek feedback to support and challenge their progress. Through this experience, we desire students to:

  • Take ownership of their learning
  • Develop deeper relationships between advisor and parent(s)
  • Demonstrate skills of communication, reflection, and feedback
  • Discover the value of:
    • setting a goal
    • sharing specific demonstrations of learning
    • deep learning beyond alpha-numeric grades
    • student choice and the pursuit of curiosities through iProject
    • measuring progress on MV Mindsets
    • celebrating wins, growth, and achievement

Student-led conferences have been practiced at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School since 2015. Each student is paired with an advisor; a faculty member who interacts regularly with your child. In the weeks prior, students will work diligently with advisors to prepare. Your child should be able to discuss his or her own progress in any area, with the advisor taking a secondary role.

Parents may request a conference directly with a content-specific teacher any time throughout the semester or school year to discuss student progress related to alpha-numeric grades, learning outcomes, or other concerns. Student-led Conference day is designed and reserved for the purposes stated above.

Name: Arden Adams
Advisor: Brad Droke

We value our partnership with Mount Vernon families and look forward to this opportunity to come together to support student learning. Students will not be in school this day, however, our goal for student-led conferences is 100% student and parent participation. Every kid is worth a conversation. If you would like to speak to the advisor without your child present, we will make a portion of the time available. All after school athletic events will proceed as scheduled.

Please sign up through the Power School web portal using your parent login (not student) and reserving an appointment with your child’s specific advisor. Each advisor has 12 appointment slots. Sign ups are open and available upon receipt of this email on a first come, first served basis. Students are asked to compose a personal, handwritten note inviting and encouraging parents to sign up, mentioning advisor by name.

Please read this article for instructions and tech support for how to register. Upon arrival, please check in with Sheldon Staples at the front desk in the Upper School Academic Building on the Glenn Campus. If you are unable to conference on this day, have a schedule conflict, or any other questions please call or email Sheldon Staples. Thank you for partnering with us. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, October 25.


Chip Houston
Head of Upper School

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