Drones in Schools

Drones could be used for learning in schools.
Drones could be used for learning in schools.

How might drones be used in schools? As the use of drones becomes increasingly more prevalent, educators must ask how they will expose students to yet another cutting edge technology. The applications are fun to think about. Here are a few ideas I brainstormed this morning. How would you envision drones being used in classrooms and schools? What are the possibilities of drones in schools?

Video Production
– Individual and Group Projects
– School news shows

Science Experiments
– Physics
– Meteorology
– Space Aviation

Coordinates and Geometric Shapes (see video)

– Exposure to cutting edge

Ethical Decision Making
– Spying and Surveillance
– Military Use
– Targeted Assassinations

– Recreate historical scenarios to gain empathy
– U2 incident, Cuban Missile Crisis, etc.

Marketplace Applications
– Advertising
– Commercial package delivery
– Mapping
– Communication

Visual Arts
– Aerial Photography

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