Drone Review: Syma X5C Explorer

Drone Review: Syma X5C Explorer

Drone Review: Syma X5C Explorer

Upon the recommendation of some of our 7th Grade students, I purchased a drone for $40 that was delivered surprisingly on Easter Sunday. The Syma X5C Explorer is the perfect drone for beginners and those prone to rooftop crashing. I was amazed to discover the nearly indestructible design of this little drone. After bouncing it off the pavement a dozen times, the Syma drone operates just as well as its first flight.

Lightweight, inexpensive, and still very precise, the Syma is easy to charge through your computer usb port. The remote control requires 4 AA batteries, and it comes with 4 replacement propellors, which I have not yet needed to use. Bottom line: this product makes drone flight accessible to anyone with $40 and a desire to fly.

With today’s perfect sunny weather and clear blue skies, I took the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) outside with my kids and let them take turns flying. Despite the pollen and gusts of wind, the drone performed very well. As I was flying, I took the craft too far down the street and it was swept up into the wind. I tried to steer it back towards my house, but the wind took the dirigible high above my neighbor’s roof. To avoid a crash landing, I pushed the flying machine higher where it was taken captive by the winds.

The sensational drone was last seen flying at an extremely high altitude eastbound on Pitts Road headed towards the Village. Much like history’s famed aviator and female pioneer Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan, the Syma X5C’s current whereabouts are simply unknown. Visibility was lost, but hope is not.

If you see the missing drone, please contact me. 

Drone Review: Syma X5C Explorer Drone Review: Syma X5C Explorer

Update: Drone Found!

After a quick sprint down the sidewalk of the adjoining neighborhood revealed no sign of the missing drone, I flicked the toggle repeatedly until behold; the green and red lights flickered and the blades spun around with a high-pitched humming noise. The drone suddenly appeared from the roof and sputtered down the side of the large, brick house. It landed in the bushes, just at the tip of my reach. The drone has been recovered, tested, and is ready for its next flight.

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