15 thoughts on “What is Your Dream?

  1. My dream is to be a starting Point Guard in the NBA. The NBA is the Nation Basketball Association. It would be SO cool to play in the NBA. This is my dream….

  2. My dream is to be a Starting Point Guard in the NBA someday. I love basketball and I love to play it, and playing in the NBA (National Basketball Association) would be SO cool!!!

  3. I have a dream that we will be able to fix every single problem in this world one at a time before we go extinct.

  4. I have a dream that everyone will live in peace. I have a dream that everyone will be friends and trust each other. I have a dream that everyone will have a good life and happy future. I have a dream that everything I said, I can make happen.

  5. My dream is for everyone to know their own true worth. It’s very easy to feel like you don’t matter. I imagine that everyone has felt that way at some point in his or her life- you get a bad grade on a test, drop your books and nobody stops to pick them up, or are ignored at the lunch table. My dream is for everyone to know that there will always be someone who cares about who you are, and who you turn out to be.

  6. On the weekend and extra day off I wen to my friends house and i also studied and did alsot of homework. I choose to watch the whole “I had a dream speech and It was really good.

  7. My dream is that there will be world peace in the world and never any more wars or contreversies.

  8. My dream is that everybody will live in peace and nobody will be hurt. I have a dream that my family, friends, and my teachers willl never forget anyone that has ever been in there lives or something that has happened. I have a dream that all men and woman would help stopped all of this ISIS buisness and let everybody live FREELY on our PLANET EARTH! This is my DREAM!

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