The Compelling Case for Instructional Coaching


The Compelling Case for Instructional Coaching

San Francisco, NAIS Annual Conference 2016

It may have been fortuitous that a few weeks after being given the opportunity to create two new instructional coach positions with our team, I found myself in a breakout session at NAIS called, “The Compelling Case for Instructional Coaching” by Matthew Horvat, Brenda Leaks, Gerald Buhaly, and Jessica Hanson from The Overlake School.

The presentation provided key insights from the perspectives of the IC (instructional coach), a teacher and the principal. I hope to get the actual slides, but for now I’ve shared a few slides I captured via phone.

Learning-focused Supervision: Assessing and Developing Professional Practice Using the Framework for Teaching by Laura Lipton and Bruce Wellman

A Primer on Instructional Coaches by Jim Knight

Instructional Coaching: Kansas Coaching Project & More Scholarly Articles About Instructional Coaching

Teaching Channel: Instructional Coaching

Teaching is Complex: Don’t Try to Simplify What Teachers Do

What do you wonder about the role and benefit(s) of working with an instructional coach?

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