4 Badging Must Do’s for Teachers

4 Badging Must Do’s for Teachers

4 badging must do's for teachers

In the 2016-2017 school year, our team’s goal is to launch a student badging program. An initiative like this could be daunting and overwhelming, unless it is broken down into smaller, simpler components. With each team member committed to a growth mindset and taking ownership of a small, manageable piece of the pie, this will be easy and a huge win for students. To make this vision a reality here are…

4 Badging Must Do’s for Teachers

Earn – Teachers must earn badges in order to experience the value of badging first hand and to gain empathy for students. Teachers are learners, too.

Display – Teachers must model their learning for others and spark curiosity conversations with students by displaying the badges they earn on their websites/blogs, with stickers on their laptops, or magnets on their boards.

Create – Teachers must design badges related directly to the essential learning outcomes they have for students. Creating badges to assess and measure learning can provide powerful, actionable data that is useful for informing and adjusting teaching practices.

Issue – Teachers must issue badges not only to celebrate and recognize student growth and accomplishments, but also as collaborators with other faculty allowing for a comprehensive badging program.

Resources: Interesting read on badge practitioners in education

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