3 Major Initiatives in Middle School


1:1 Chromebook Program
A Chromebook is a personal computer running Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are designed to be used while connected to the Internet, though there are a variety of apps that can be run offline. All the data is stored in the “cloud” accessed by an internet connection.
What is a Chromebook?
Kentucky Country Day’s 1:1 CB Program
Everything You Need to Know About Chromebooks

Understanding by Design (UbD – Backwards Unit Design)
UbD is a way of thinking purposefully about curricular planning and school reform. It offers a 3-stage design process, a set of helpful design tools, and design standards — not a rigid program or prescriptive recipe. The primary goal of UbD is student understanding: the ability to make meaning of “big ideas” and transfer their learning.
Jay McTigue’s Blog – UbD in a Nutshell
UbD Template


An e-portfolio is a living and changing collection and showcase that reflects your learning, accomplishments, skills, experiences, passions, and discoveries. The demonstrations of learning that you incorporate into your portfolio can serve as great opportunities for self-reflection, as well as feedback from peers, teachers, and external experts. It can greatly reflect on your abilities as an individual as well as become a useful tool in marketing yourself to colleges and universities, as well as future employers and corporations.
7 Ways to Create e-Portfolios
5 Benefits of Creating an e-Portfolio
The Importance of a Portfolio

eportfolio process

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