#20 Bringing My Heart

One of the best books I’ve read this summer is Boundaries for Leaders by Dr. Henry Cloud. In fact, it’s so good, I’m not finished yet.

I’m fascinated by the ideas Dr. Cloud writes about leading so brains can work.

“In brain terminology, executive functions are needed to achieve any kind of purposeful activity – such as reaching a goal, driving a vision forward, conquering an objective. Whether driving a car or making and selling cars, the brain relies on three essential processes:

Attend to important data: the ability to focus on relevant stimuli. Know your speed, what lane you are in, which turn is next, etc.

Inhibit what is irrelevant or destructive (ie – you cannot text and drive)

Use working memory: You have to remember where you are in the flow. What was the last turn you made? What have you passed already?”

“If leadership is operating in a way that makes any of those brain functions unable to perform, or creates a team or culture in which they cannot work, results will be weakened and the vision damaged.”

“When a leader’s executive functioning as an executive mirrors and ignites the executive functions of his people’s brains, things get better – sometimes really fast.” 

“Leadership is not dog training. It is the creation of the kinds of conditions in which people can bring their brains, gifts, hearts, talents, and energy to the realization of a vision.”

boundaries for leaders

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