#19 Shipping and Wrapping

Reflecting on yesterday’s administrative retreat, my mind is full of good things. Shipping and wrapping is the first to come to mind.

Shipping our ideas – Seth Godin has a booklet called “Ship It” designed to help launch your ideas. We all have ideas. Fear keeps us from taking action and implementing them. The goal is to lose the fear of failure and launch them. Learn from them.

Wrapping our decisionsThe Heath brothers new book “Decisive” was on our team’s summer reading list. The premise revolves around how truly bad we are, as human beings, at making the wise/right decisions. There are four guards or filters we can apply to help improve our decision making process.

Widen your options.

Reality test your assumptions

Attain distance

Prepare to be wrong

The challenge is to intentionally practice this process until it becomes natural and internalized.

What ideas are you ready to ship?

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