#11 Empty Gmail Inbox Daily


1 in a 3 Part Series on Self-Discipline

1 – Effective Email
2 – Weekly Plan
3 – Life Planning

Each year for the past several years, our school has declared a theme. The year of story. The year of design. The year of celebration and innovation. The year of collaboration. I have decided to have my own personal theme this year: the year of self-discipline.

I want to be healthier. This includes goals I keep putting off such as going to bed earlier, exercising more consistently in the morning, eating more natural foods, drinking less coke. I need to practice greater self-discipline in this area.

I want to make better use of my time at home. This includes spending more time with the people I love, making a greater impact in the lives of those around me, watching less tv, playing less Oregon Trail, planning more dates with my wife, reading more books to my kids.

Identifying obstacles is a good place to start. Email is one of my biggest, time-consuming obstacles. It can also be an emotional de-railer if you check it before going to bed. My goal is to have an empty gmail inbox at the end of every day. Not an easy feat.

The topic of how to manage one’s email effectively has been covered by more people in better ways than I could begin, so in this post I’ve compiled the best resources I have found. I have tried a few of these and they have helped, but I’m still not satisfied with my current level of effectiveness…

HBR: A Super Efficient Email Process

Farnam Street: The Tyranny of Email – 10 Steps to Save You

Edudemic: Set Up a Gmail Meter

Michael Nichols: You Can Keep 

Up With Your Email

Office Coach: 10 Things You Should Never Do With Email

Effective Email Communication

What resources can you share related to effective email usage?

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